facebookFacebook introduced its own messaging service which brings your email, IMs and Facebook messages and tests into one seamless portal. Facebook’s messaging service is being hailed a “Gmail Killer” as Facebook has aimed this service to compete directly against Gmail.

Facebook claims that its new email service could potentially change the way we use and think about email and would allow users to view communications from different devices on a common platform. The messaging service was known as Project Titan would allow every correspondence to also be recorded on Facebook. Although the new service is like email, Facebook insists that its much more than that. All of its 500 million users would get a Facebook email address based on their profile name.

Mark Zuckerberg in a note said that Facebook messaging system would also reduce and could even eliminate spam since Facebook would know who the mail came from the list of friends and by also keeping a record of their friends and so on.

Facebook said that the service will be rolled out to users slowly over the next few months.

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