netflix-ipadNetflix has started its planned assault on cable TV. It was reported today that Netflix was in talks with the producers of the original television series directed by “The Social Network” ‘s David Fincher and starring actor Kevin Spacey. Netflix outbid HBO and AMC for Media Rights Capital’s (MRC) for the drama television series House of Cards to be able to provide live original content on Netflix streaming.

The deal is said to be worth around $100 million for a two season commitment of 26 episodes total. The show is a political thriller based on a novel and BBC miniseries that goes by the same name. The deal will give Netflix exclusive right to distribute the series online before anyone else.

Netflix is the leader when it comes to market share of online streaming TV and content. But with other companies coming into play such as Amazon, Netflix had to take it up a notch.

It is time we paid less for cable TV, we all agree its a rip off!

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