google_chrome_os_netbookThere has been a lot of debate about the Google’s operating system – the Chrome OS. After a lot of delays today Techcrunch was reporting that the Chrome OS might be released this year in beta. However Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt made a comment last week at the Web 2.0 Summit where he said that the Chrome OS would be available “in the next few months”.

Google did confirm to Techcrunch that the Chrome OS will be released this year however did not give any further details beyond that. One way to track progress of the Chrome OS is from the Chromium OS forums where the code is debated and it seemed to be doing a heck of a progress. Google however will only release a beta before the end of the year. Many vendors already have been out there selling Chrome OS based books that would be compatible with the much anticipated Chrome OS.

Lets wait and see and more as we know it.

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