It was revealed by WSJ yesterday that Google may be making its own wireless audio system and also its own hardware. The unnamed system has been in the works for years, would share at least music throughout the home. It would be sold directly under Google’s brand, including the speakers, but could talk to other hardware and could use a phone or tablet for control.

The finished product would be out later this year. One rumor is that it may be announced in the Google I/O developer conference in June, where Google often gives free hardware to those few who gain entrance. Google will also mostly involve the Android@Home initiative that Google showed off last year but which has not seen the day light yet! Looks like Google wants to compete with Apple’s AirPlay with its system that can play DLNA or other media sharing formats. Along with audio, it could be used for video, home automation, and anything else where auto-discovery on a local network was important.

Google might have all these manufactured by third party vendors and I think that is where Google will fail. Apple’s devices are manufactured extensively by Apple vendors who modify their industry to fit Apple’s needs. Now will Google do the same is yet to be seen. Infact having a Google music center does not really sound right. Plus it has to be free or dirt cheap, they will make money off of your privacy anyway!

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