According to a report by BGR, Google is planning to launch its first-ever Android Ice cream phone just in line with Apple’s iPhone 5 launch. The new device could be very well be the herculean Nexus Prime Android phone that we reported of earlier, albeit the latest reported launch schedule is a little sooner than expected. October is the month of launch, if rumors were anything to go by.

Google may either launch an Android Ice cream smartphone or an Android Ice Cream tablet this October; whatever it be, the spectrum is now turning into a focused beam, and it’s highlighting Android Ice Cream at the OS of choice. “We’ve received some information from a source with knowledge of Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich plans, and it’s looking like the first Ice Cream Sandwich devices could start hitting the ground in as early as October. We have been told that Google is looking to push up the release of Ice Cream Sandwich devices as Apple’s iPhone 5 is expected in September or October, and the Mountain View-based company doesn’t want potential customers coming out of contracts (especially original DROID owners) and “drooling over the iPhone 5.”

Google Nexus Prime features a large Super AMOLED Plus HD capacitive touch display, a dual-core 1.5GHz processor flanked by 1GB of RAM, excellent graphics support, full HD video recording and playback, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, onboard GPS, built-in NFC and the usual set of sensors including accelerometer, light sensor, etc.

The Android Ice Cream OS that it will sport will be a blend of Android 2.3 Gingerbread and Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS which were designed for mobile phones and tablets respectively. However, Google Android 4.0 OS (Android Ice Cream) is expected to support both tablets and smartphones as well.

There’s nary a confirmation on either the Google Nexus Prime specs that we’ve been hearing since a while or the official Nexus Prime launch date and availability schedules. However, since Apple’s next-generation iPhone is strongly expected to release in Sept/October, Google may possibly schedule the Nexus Prime release around the same time.


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