Yesterday Google CEO Larry Page said that Google Plus has about 90 million users and about 60% are active daily. In the statement he said, “There are over 90 million Google+ users, well over double what I announced just a quarter ago. Plus users are very engaged with our products. Over 60 percent of them engaged daily and 80 percent engaged weekly.”

This increase is due to Google’s consistent focus on Plus and making it part of its search results and even integrating it with their search engine. This includes expanding it is due in large part to Google making Plus links a prominent part of search results, and integrating the social network into Google Apps,

The CEO also took time to talk about how Google was signing up many new enterprise customers for its Google Apps suite, including 110,000 employees at BBVA, Google’s largest business productivity deal that has been publicly disclosed. But advertising, as usual, is still Google’s biggest cash maker, accounting for 96 percent of quarterly revenue, compared to 97 percent in the previous year’s fourth quarter. Google said mobile advertising is a growing part of total revenue, but didn’t specify how much it accounts for.

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