android-marketIts good news for all those running Android 1.6 and above. Google today updated its Android market to a flashy new version. The new version brings in a few new features that help you purchase apps more easily. Google is yet to roll out this to other devices. That release will happen in the coming weeks.

Google said that its main focus was on improving discoverability and merchandising with its new Android market makeover. Users can now quickly flip through the carousel to view promoted apps and can instantly go to the download page.

Developers contributed in creating widgets and live wallpapers to make it easier for users to find their favorites. Other features include the maximum .APK file size being increased to 50MB for developers. This will allow for richer games to be made available.

You should soon get this update on your Android 1.6+ smart phone.

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One thought on “Google Updates its Android Market”
  1. I just got my android market update and I love it. It feels a lot better designed and has a great “show-off appeal”. The new features are really nice too.

    Did any of you notice that several preloaded apps like YouTube don’t auto-update? I haven’t gotten a YouTube update in like a year and then I downloaded the YouTube app off of the market just like if I didn’t have it and they have made some major improvements!

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