Google Wave is no longer beta and is open to the public as a beta test product. For folks who don’t know about thegoogle-wave-itgrunts Wave, Google Wave is a  “a new web application for real-time communication and collaboration”. You can start using wave by signing in using your regular google id.

Google wave was only for alpha testing until yesterday and accounts were given only through invites.

One major improvement in the wave is that it now has the ability to add Google apps domains enabling businessess to move their internal communications to Wave.

From its pervious alpha versions, Google Wave is a lot more faster and more intuitive. Wave also has the ability to add gadgets to it making it all the more useful.

Project managers are particularly excited as Wave is a great collaboration tool!

It is interesting as we note all the standalone softwares are moving over to the web. It was reported that Microsoft office will eventually be entirely webbased and if that is the case the security for such online files will be an issue.

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