The International Committee on Assigned Numbers and Names(ICANN) which is responsible for administering and monitoring the basic web addresses is revamping itself to allow some of the most common and controversial suffixes suffixes such as .eco, .love, .god and .gay.

The idea is that the massive expansion of these suffixes will make internet more intuitive while many other experts disagree. However the US Government has applied for veto powers over granting of a domain suffix to an organization or a person. ICANN has not released any details about such a veto request however rumors are that the administration has the power to have a final say without a reason or question.

ICANN says that with any number of suffixes, it gives everyone a shot at grabbing some of the most interesting domain names that will cost a fortune. However with the veto that might be granted to the US government it is unclear to ever see a .abortion or a .gay site in existence.

ICANN’s new suffixes will also allow names such as .jihad and other radical suffixes. An unnamed spokesperson said that the US government was clear that it will prevent anyone who will use a .nazi suffix or a .kukluxklan suffix which can create tension among the community. ICANN is yet to decide about these controversial domain names and the decision is yet to be made.

ICANN said that a decision should be made final by April and then it will sought applications from Governements over the suffixes. ICANN is having a three-day fair on its application guidelines in San Francisco next week.

The price tag to apply is $185,000 which will ensure that only big well financed organizations can buy these suffixes. There is also a $25,000 annual fee domain operators have to pay ICANN.

Co-founder of People for Internet Responsibility, Lauren Weinstein said that ICANN is blinded by money and this is simply another way to make more money.

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