hair-wash-robotWhats next? Panasonic today announced a new 16-fingered robot that will wash your hair! The new robot is basically a giant sink with two robotic arms. Users would lie back in a reclining chair over the sink for the robot to clean their hair. Panasonic claims that the robot can use its 16 fingers as efficiently as a human being when it comes to cleaning your hair.

The 16 robotic fingers have sensors at their tips to ensure right amount of pressure is applied to the user and also scan his or her’s head. This robot is only a prototype and will be unveiled at the International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition in Tokyo next week.

Panasonic says this hair-washing robot has applications in hospitals and for elederly folks. We had reported earlier that the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) that the robotics industry was to boom to $17 billion by 2013! Soon another reason for us to be late to work, “Sorry my robot took longer to wash my hair!”.

Have a look at the video of a robot that washes dishes and serves food.

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