Now is this really creative and worth $350?  A smartly designed super expensive Bonsai Tree that charges your iPhone! Homeowners are taking on the initial cost of installing photovoltaic panels in hopes of reaping the energy cost savings in the future, seriously?! Introducing Vivien Muller’s Electree. The bonsai tree has 27 solar panels that can charge batteries in mobile devices without consuming any energy other than light. The tree’s leaves are movable to attract more light to the battery concealed in the base of the plant. It stores power throughout the day and charges devices through a USB. The Electree is delicate and makes for an interesting, functional art piece, if you have an equally attractive money tree.

There was however some controversy that the idea was picked up from a 13 year old and Muller used it for himself. Personally, this is not worth $350! Secondly if I really wanted to charge my iPhone via solar, I can spend as little as about $40 bucks and buy this killer case!

If you make too much and want to blow $350 bucks, buy this piece here.

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