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As the tablet wars begin with the release of the iPad, HP is starting to release videos previewing the HP Slate in orderHp slate to drum up a buzz for the product and is being shown as an alternative for the ipad.

HP Slate, a Windows 7 Operating system based tablet would also support Flash is likely to compete head on with the iPad by offering an inbuilt camera and a usb drive.

From the company’s blog  we know that the Slate is likely to have a built-in camera, video-recording capability, USB port and a SD card reader which the iPad does not offer. Softwares such as Skype, Flickr, browser are also included. Interestingly it includes the firefox browser by default which is unorthodox for a Windows 7 based product.

A touch screen similar to iPad is offered on a Slate.

There is still no word on pricing and it is likely that the Slate will be out this year. Analysts predict that the pricing would be competitive but the extra features such as camera and sd card reader might bump it up a little.

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