Huawei has come up with another android tabled, the Smakit S7 tablet. ”

The SmaKit S7 has a 7-inch wide screen with a resolution of 800 x 480. It supports information-sharing across screens to present the same content simultaneously on computers, mobile phones and TV screens. The SmaKit S7 tablet allows users to easily access local information, visit social networking websites and shop from online application stores. To provide end-users with an integrated home solution, Smakit S7 can be connected to home gateway, TV or Android handsets”, is what the company had to say about it.

The market seems not to reach much to tablet pcs instead the Lenovo Ideapad U1 with a detachable screen is more of a turn on than just buy a screen and then struggle with a keyboard.  The price for this tablet is unknown as of now but are you really willing to pay such a price?

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