Microsoft has done it again. Now Xbox is not just online gaming service any more. Microsoft, today is announcing a new version of the Xbox live interface that will make it much more exciting than ever before! This new upgrade is set to go live on Tuesday. Microsoft calling Xbox the future TV said that dozens on new options were coming to Xbox including watching movies and even live TV on your game box! Even Kinect voice control was coming to Xbox with a huge improvement in voice commands.

This is one of the biggest updates in the past five years for Xbox 360 which has had only minor updates until now. The update also has cloud based storage access as well. Ross Honey, general manager of Xbox live entertainment said, “We think you’re going to use one device for movies, music and games in the future. We want to make the content accessible and enhance the actual experience. We think you will will want to watch it on Xbox as it is more social and more personal.”

The update will be live on Tuesday for Xbox Live users, and it could greatly multiply the entertainment options that people have in their homes, providing access to on-demand TV, movies and user-generated videos. You can get access to 26 TV channels from Verzon’s FiOS TV services or the complete library of 10,000 On Demand movies from Comcast. You can download the new update in a matter of minutes.

With the voice control, you can for instance say “Bing” or “Google” to activate the search for your console for any key word which is neat. I suspect Microsoft is trying to mimic iPhone’s Siri here but on a different platform. You can use your voice to find the games, movies, TV shows and music. The results come back and then you can choose the service that can best deliver the entertainment to you at the lowest cost. Bing search on Xbox with voice commands will be available at first in English in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. Text search works if you don’t have Kinect. Microsoft has sold more than 57 million Xbox 360s and it has more than 35 million Xbox Live members.

This is really awesome considering how many users have Xbox 360. Microsoft is now truly attempting to make Xbox into a center of entertainment.

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