This is crazy! An app to send out your last message when you die?? Enter If I Die. A Facebook app that offers a set of three user-designated trustees access to your Facebook page after the user dies. It also lets people create final messages for loved ones or for their enemies. The app's website says, "Sometimes you’d love to have a great last line, but you can’t always plan for death". Seriously a little creepy.

The setup is straight forward. The app is installed on Facebook and the user creates a video or text message to be played after death. You then choose three friends to be trustees. When the user dies, the trustees confirm of their death. The good thing here, apart from the death, is that the Isreali company that made this takes privacy to the next level by the developer by restricting access to themselves as well so no one can really see what the user has in store for their after death message. The app was built by Willook.

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