During the developer forum in Beijing, Intel confirmed that its 2012 processor architecture would have native USB 3.0 support. There were lot of rumors going around lately about the yet to be implemented design which are not confirmed by Intel’s architecture group VP, Kirk Skaugen. Kirk said that Ivy Bridge which is a 22 nanometer version of the Sandy Bridge design would support the interface. He said that the 5Gbps interface will be achievable with the USB 3.0.

Intel has been delaying the launch of its USB 3.0 despite being the key architect of the original USB standard. Intel is aiming its USB 3.0 directly against the Thunderbolt which will feel the heat from USB 3.0 since its bandwidth is only twice as fast as USB 3.0. Apple co-developed the thunderbolt technology and this is where Intel and Apple might go head on against each other.

Just imagine transferring data at such high speeds using your USB port! Truly we have come a long way!

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