ITA-software-googleGoogle back in July had confirmed that it was buying the online ticketing company ITA software for $700 million. The ITA software is used by a number of companies which are worried over Google’s acquisition and have teamed up to block the deal from going through. The acquisition is yet to be completed while a coalition of online travel firms including Expedia, and Sabre Holdings are asking the US Justice Department to block the deal saying that it would be anti-competitive.

A website was started to promote the reasons behing the opposition called Google however says that its aquisition is fair considering that it does not compete against ITA software. The coalition of online search companies fear that the acquisition would give Google to power to restrict any online travel company from accessing the company’s software.

Now Google has another way to keep track of where you are travelling. With those records Google can send targeted ads to your browser weeks before you take that trip to Hawaii! Eric Schmidt’s remarks that “Google will Own you”, seem to be coming true! Another good reason that the online travel companies want to block the deal is that Google’s search engine is just too good and people might get good deals using Google’s engine.

To hell with all this, I am taking the good’ol┬ábus!

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