What’s with Apple lately. Yesterday we reported that the iPhone accelerometer can potentially be hacked. Today there is another report of an Ipad 2 security flaw that would allow snoopers to unlock your tablet without a password! Anyone with a Smart Cover can break into a “password-protected” Ipad 2, as shown in the video.

The person who unlocks the device has access to everything that was on the screen before it was locked which includes email, messages and your settings where he can potentially change the password and lock the device from you. The video shows it all how a locked iPad is hacked into. This is alarming considering how many are blindly dependent on the Apple devices.

Inquirer, who provided the video also said that they found the issue to be inconsistent and did not show up every time one try to recreate the issue. This issue is not just confined to IOS 5, since IOS 4.3 also exhibits the vulnerability.


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