Germans are surely great engineers but can they make the “best” iPad alternative? Manufacturers seem to be taking their own sweet time in coming up withwepad-itgrunts a true iPad competitor as the market gets more restless in its wait for options.

The WePad was introduced today to the German journalists and it sure is impressive. Made by Neofonie, a german firm known for enterprise and Web 2.0 but is best known for its search system, this could very well be considered one of the best that might compete head on with the iPad.

The WePad first surfaced in March, with an atom-based processor running Android and standard linux. A 11-inch touchscreen which makes it look quite appealing.

The pad played youtube videos and loaded open office and was able to change different browser windows with no problem.

Just like the iPad, WePad comes as WePad and WePad 3G and are priced at 449 and 569 Euros. This is a little higher than the iPad. You may look at the product specifications here.

So would this be an iPad killer, experts say no, atleast not yet. Android, Intel and the tablet makers have ways to go before they can match the complexity and the art iPad is made with, however this is a great start.

You can visit WePad here to get informed about pre-ordering.

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