A report on the internet today said that iPhone 4S is the fastest phone in the market. Believe it or not, but the iPhone4S even beats the dual core 4G Android devices! AnandTech performed numerous benchmark tests on the iPhone 4S running iOS 5 and the perfect combination of hardware and software made the device faster than any other phone on the market.

The Apple iPhone 4S scored a 2222 on the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark 0.9 and second came the iPhone 4 which is almost a year old! Only Samsung Galazy Tab 8.9 which is a tablet was able beat the iPhone 4S which received a score of 2220. In the Rightware BrowserMark test, iPhone 4S is ahead of other devices including the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 this time.

Finally, we move on to GLBenchmark 2.1 for the graphics statistics. In two different 720p offscreen tests, iPhone 4S achieves 73.1 frames per second and 122.7 frames per second, respectively.  Also AnandTech found that the iPhone 4S was underclocked at 800MHz.


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