So we have a rumor flying around the internet that is saying that Apple is holding an event on September 7th and could be the possible date when Apple announces new iPods and iPhone 5! Kodawarisan, a Japanese Apple site, claims it has heard from a well-placed sourcethat Apple will hold its next event on Wednesday, 7 September with new iPods and the iPhone 5 on the agenda.

Predicting an Apple event in September isn’t the boldest step. The company has revealed new products in early September every year since 2008 and outed the new iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle on September 1 last year. But with the iPhone 5 remaining unannounced, this year’s event is even more anticipated.

There’s conflicting stories about whether the iPhone 5 will actually launch in September or hit stores in October but until Apple decides to make a move, it’s all just speculation. Kodawarisan has been on the money with rumours in the past though – it correctly reported the new Mac Mini launch date ahead of time in 2009.


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