Its not just the iPad getting there but Apple just released its newest version of iTunes, the iTunes 9.1 with thedownload_itunes9.1-itgrunts impending release of the iPad, the timing was just right. The release does come with the iTunes all souped up to take on the iPad and having features specific for the iPad. Some of the changes affect the iTunes Store’s categories, improved Genius Mix feature, and a newer device management interface.


A new “Audiobooks” feature in the iTunes refers to the iBooks app on the iPad. The ease with which the content is being displayed with the ability to be able to transfer makes one thing that Apple is trying to let the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad be able to talk to each other. It was reported that Newspapers and magazines were taking a close note of this and if a deal was made with Apple to publish the daily news on to the iPad is not known as of now.

A compression feature available only to the iPod shuffle, the 128Kbps AAC format, is now avaliable to all devices. You can also be able to rename, rearrange or even remove the Genius Mixes feature and they may also be available for play through the iTunes DJ. Meanwhile the iPhoto update was reported to have caused some freeze issues especially with jailbroken iPhones and iPod touch.


Devices Jailbroken using Blackra1n are not to update to iTunes 9.1 as the update will break the tethered functionality of your iPhone. Click here for more details on iTunes iPhoto Update.

Click here to download iTunes 9.1 or click here to know more about the iTunes 9.1.

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