e-rope-jump-ropeWould you want to have a way to charge your li-ion batteries and not have to spend any electricity in doing so? Well your desire is fullfilled, thanks to the E-Rope! A new concept rope is being developed by Yanko Design and its as unique as it gets. The jump rope actually charges your AA batteries as long as you, well, jump!

Each handle of the E-rope holds a pair of AA batteries that are charged by the motion of the rope spinning around. An  LED on each of the handles shows when the batteries are fully charged.

Yanko Designs, the designer of the E-Rope claims that 20 minutes of jumping will fully charge the batteries. 20 minutes of jump rope is quite a workout! Its chief designer is Kyung Guk Lee.

A useful tool when you are camping or away from a power source. But looking back it might take you many years to make up for the investment in this jump rope but then you will be super fit by then!

The following is a video that might give you much better idea.

You can visit the E-rope designer Yanko Design over here.

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