asus_wavi_xtionSoon you will be using your PC without the keyboard and the mouse. PrimeSense, the creators of Kinect for XBox360 has announced that it will be designing motion-sensing controller for PCs. The company also said that it is working with Asus to make such a device while Asus is working on a online store for apps.

The new PC controller is called “WAVI Xtion” and will let users control their PCs via gesture controls. This would be a great tool for media center PCs. PrimeSense says that its main focus of the device is on multimedia control.

Asus is working on an “Xtion Online Store” where developers will be able to sell apps designed for the WAVI Xtion. PrimeSense says that there is a definite demand for this type of controller. Many hackers have already hooked their Kinect to their PCs. Don’t expect to play games on your PC using the WAVI Xtion as it will be optimized for media control rather than PC gaming.

The WAVI Xtion is to be launched in February this year. It will also be seen at the PrimeSense and Asus booths at the CES this week.

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