Primesense, the company behing Microsofts newest offering – the Xbox Kinect. Primesense reportedly is working onkinect-tv-pc and signing deals to put the Kinect technology in computers and TV’s by the end of the year and also has one cable company ready to launch a gesture-controlled set top box by summer 2011. The company says that its end goal is to provide total human control over TV-based media.

Primesense plans to pair the camera sensors similar to Kinect in from of the TV so it can capture the different gestures. Primesense is already integrating the technology and has planned release of the TV’s which is real exciting news!

Motorised tilt functionality and voice recognition won’t be available as they are Microsoft’s ideas but the whole notion of watching tv, waving your arm to stop the screen featuring downtown New York, pointing towards a sign of Pizza hut and being able to order one is just superb!

Can’t wait to hear more!

Primesense can be reached here.

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