Google has done a great job in giving us search results at lightening speed but are they the one we want is a big question. We spend time searching through the results and finally end up with the one we want.

Well how does it sound when I say that there is a place where you can just type in your query and it will help you an answer!

The wait is over! I came across this site, which is a free knowledge base.

It has information about almost everything and is also easy to use! I put it a formula for binomial coefficient and voila – easy results on how to solve it and how to go about.

You can also check out many topics ranging from atoms to solar systems. The UI is convenient and also easy to use. The information is reliable and also easy to use!

I bet this would be a great site for kids and also people who are also craving for information

Just check it out!

By rjcool

I am a geek who likes to talk tech and talk sciences. I work with computers (obviously) and make a living.

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