Lamborghini’s master designer has created a limited edition Spyder supreme diamond cell phone, which is nothing short of the rich person’s fashion accessory. The cell phone comes with a prominently different shape, with a vertically tapering formation of its stainless steel body. The designing has been attributed to the Italians and the finishing has been done in Switzerland, which has been one of Swiss fortes. The casing has been studded with a total of 7.8 carats of American diamonds throughout, along with the prominent yellow gold monograms of Lamborghini at the centre of the front panel and the back, between the speaker and camera flash.

To further accentuate the flavor of exclusivity, the battery cover is a crocodile leather print, for which one has 2 options of black or white colors. The front covering on the other hand, is sapphire crystal which makes it resistant to scratches and helps in keeping the handset generally dust free. The technical features aren’t on equal scale of exclusivity though. It has a 2.75G dual-band operating capability on GSM 900 & 1800 networks, along with an external 4 GB memory support, 3.0 Megapixel camera with auto-focus, and a SOS signal button for emergencies. The display is a mini LCD screen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, and is 2-inches in size.

The supreme diamond series has been made available in a limited batch of 300 pieces only, with 2 main versions; S650 & S660. The S650 model will have 2.5 carat diamonds adorning the body along with the black leather back. The price tag for this one is $10,000. The S660 will have all the other features except that the diamonds will be 5.9 carat, and will sport a while crocodile leather back. This shall cost the customer $16,419 a piece.

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