WikileaksLooks like the hackers are taking up more legal ways to fight for their cause. Anonymous has today resumed its fight with PayPal and this time it engaged in less of denial of service attacks and more of gathering support from its supports to close their PayPal accounts and to stop using the service in protest to PayPal stopping donations to WikiLeaks. The new OpPayPal comes in the wake of arrests the FBI announced last week that were made in response to the large denial of service attacks made against PayPal.

The statement issued by Anonymous denounces PayPal for bowing to government pressure and blocking payments to WikiLeaks. Anonymous also expresses its outrage that the FBI has arrented suspected criminals who could face up to 15 years in prison and fines up to $500,000. The statement encourages everyone to use alternative services to PayPal and to close their Paypal accounts.

Reports of account closures in response ot Anonymous boycott are on Twitter and are in their hundreds. Anonymous claims that about 35,000 accounts have been closed. eBay has also seen a share price drop by around 2 percent. already. Meanwhile, FBI arrests have continued and the UK police are claiming to have arrested Topiary, a key player in both AnonOps and Lulz Security.

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