LHC-cernWell, all you have ever learnt about physics is all wrong! CERN Physicists reported yesterday that the sub atomic particles called neutrinos can travel faster than light! In a finding that is being currently verified would certainly disprove Einstein’s theory of relativity which can be a real shocker to Physics! CERN conducted experiments in Switzerland and also at a laboratory in Italy where the tiny particles were clocked at 300,006 kilometers per second which is slightly faster than the speed of light!

Researches said that the result was a complete surprise for them. Physicist Antonio Ereditato who is the spokesman for the experiment called OPERA said, “We wanted to measure the speed of neutrinos, but we didn’t expect to find anything special”. The whole experiment took scientists nearly six months where they had checked and rechecked every calculation and controllers that were responsible for a accurate measurement.

Researchers also called in physicists around the world to make sure that the data they collected was not “crazy” and that it was good to be released for outside. These findings could potentially reshape our understanding of the physical world said one researcher. “If this measurement is confirmed, it might change our view of physics,” said CERN research director Sergio Bertolucci

In the experiments, scientists blasted a laser-like beam producing billions upon billions of neutrinos from CERN to the Gran Sasso Laboratory 730 kilometres 453 miles away in Italy.Neutrinos are electrically neutral particles so small that only recently were they found to have mass.The neutrinos reportedly arrived 60 nanoseconds earlier that the 2.3 milliseconds taken by light. Albert Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity a physical object cannot travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum. Not just that, with speed the mass of an object would increase as well but this was not the case here.


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