Earlier this week, 2012 Mercedes Benz SL Class images were leaked online, but as they were clicked from a brochure, the images were somewhat hazy, and it was difficult to identify with the new design. Finally, earlier today, on a popular Mercedes Benz forum, clear images of the SL Class emerged and has shocked Mercedes Benz fans across the world.

Mercedes Benz designers have done a pathetic job while designing the exterior of the new SL Class, as per the fans opinion. Exterior of the new SL looks as if it is a mix between Mercedes Benz SLS AMG and SLK Class. Though the interior design of the car is decent, it's the exterior that has disappointed many, especially headlights.

Mercedes Benz is yet to announce the kind of engine they will be installing in the next SL, but we guess the new 4.6L V8 fits the bill perfectly. Also Mercedes Benz engineers have managed to give the new SL a decent enough weight reduction by using more of aluminum in the body shell. Thanks to 89% usage of aluminum in body shell, Mercedes Benz SL350 will shell 140 kgs and SL500 will shell 103 kgs.

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