Looks like its an all out war where enemy of of my enemy is my friend! It is being reported that Microsoft, Oracle and Apple – the big 3 are teaming up to kill the Android OS because of their shared common interest in the market that would open up if Android were to be gone. David Drummond who is Google’s senior vice-president claimed that Apple and Microsoft were conspiring to push up the prices of Android smartphones and tablets using bogus patents.

He claimed that this was part of a “hostile, organised campaign” to “strangle” Android. Drummond implied that Microsoft and Apple were getting together to throttle Android’s success. More than 550,000 Android devices were being activated worldwide every day through a network of 39 manufacturers and 231 carriers. While this competition was doing wonders, the proprietary companies were creating new injuctions on bogus patents to stop Android from going ahead in the market place.

Microsoft’s general counsel Brad Smith said that he asked Google to bid jointly with it on the Novell patents and they said no. However Kimberlee Weatherall, an Australian intellectual property lawyer, blogger and academic, warned AP that “the breadth of monopoly Apple is claiming” over some fairly basic smartphone features was “breathtaking”.


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