Microsoft pink phone

Social networking is catching up to speed with the Mobile phones. After rumours that Apple was working on a socialMicrosoft pink phone networking app called iGroups, news is that Microsoft would unveil its own social networking phone.

 The Social networking initiative from microsoft has been rumored to be called project “Pink” according to the Wall street Journal.

Microsoft is said to “talk” more about the phone on April 12th. Others speculate that this is a release date.

The project primarily is a line of mobile phones aimed at younger users with social networking as its primary feature.

With this project Microsoft is taking a more role in mobile development by moving to design phones from a hardware prespective.

It is reported that the Sharp corporation will manufacture these phones while Microsoft provides the specs. Microsoft has also tied up with Verizon to provide service to these phones and the new phones are expected to be available as early as April 30th.

More news to come in on Monday when Project Pink is talked about, the least we can ask for is NOT to have pink cell phones to carry around 🙂

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