In continuation of our previous post, “A few dumbest inventions“.. we bring you a few more.

Sea-Shoes, 1962

Sea-shoes invented by M W Hulton. In this picture demonstrating his sea-shoes and duckfoot propellers on the Grand Union Canal, England. Whats next a running race on the sea?

T.V. Glasses, 1963

tv glasses

Although I cannot really say this is a waste of time. Inventor Hugo Gernsback’s invention might have lead to the virtual reality concept. I think this is very interesting.

Cat-Mew Machine, 1963

Cat mew machine

Made in Japan, this device was intended to scare away rats and mice. Powered by a two watt motor this mechanical cat can meow ten times a minute and the eyes light up each time. Aparantly it did not scare any rats!

Dog Restrainer, 1940

dog restrainer

Yes its much easier to use the leash!

Cigarette Holder Built For Two, 1955

cigarette holder for two

Interesting cigarette holder for two, well you would need longer cigarettes in this case!

We will post more inventions soon, stay tuned and please share your thoughts.

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