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Not just Xbox and PS3, now Wii too will be able to stream Netflix videos. Netflix partnered with Nintendo as Wiinetflix wii remains to be the fastest-selling home console in history.

Netflix has about 12 million members until today and with Wii that number is projected to increase greatly.

To setup the system, Wii owners would need to be connected to a broadband internet connection and also have a Netflix unlimited membership.

A Netflix instant streaming disc is provided for the Wii console to be able to stream movies off the Netflix servers. The disc can be requested to be delivered free of cost here.

The discs are being shipped to all eligible customers who request them. You can request one here.

Once the disc is inserted different movie categoris based on your personal profile is displayed.

The Wii controller is to be used to choose the movies and to queue them.

This puts Netflix ahead in the market, atleast ahead of Blockbuster which is burning cash faster than it can make any. Wii consumer base is growding rapidly and Netflix is to get integrated into Wii console with the need of the disc and this might happen soon as talks are underway.

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