rc-helicopterAre you aware that there are retail outlets all over the world where you can purchase a “RC helicopter”. Sure every geek would love to own one of those. These RC helicopters come in all shapes and sizes and are a must have for any RC enthusiast. But what if you could build your own RC helicopter??

The website Rchelicopterfun.com gives you a detail on how to build and maintain your RC helicopter. The site details the tools that are required to build and maintain your RC helicopter including the price for such tools. Some of the tools the site talks about are a Helicopter Pitch Gauge costing about $10 to $25, a computerized battery charger, Swashplate Levelling Tools, Ball Link Pliers, spark plug socket and many more.

The site also has tips on how to get started and also a detail description of various types of helicopters. However if this seems too much of work, you can buy “build-your-own” kits from here and here. Prices range from $20 to $600 for these “do-it-yourself” kits. They do include instructions and video tutorials.

You can visit the tutorial site here.

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  1. This could be a very nice cat toy – I am sure mine would love to try to hunt it … but I hope it is solid enough to resist a pack of wild Maine Coons! ;o)

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