nook-colorLooks like Barnes & Noble (B&N) might start official entry into the full blown tablet industry. Today, Barnes & Noble released its Nook color 1.2 software update which delivers apps, e-mail and web browsing to the Nook Color. Nook color is priced at $249 and comes with no service contract making it the best bargain-tablet in the market.

B&N is offering the update via its Nook Color website and it will roll out as an over-the-air update via Wi-Fi in the coming weeks. Nook Color is migrating to Android 2.2 with Adobe flash and AIR. Nook’s update offers apps which tells us that B&N is clearly opening up Nook for across the board users and not just e-readers.

B&N still doesn’t allow access to the Google Android market or Google services but instead allows you to buy apps via B&N’s online bookstore. Apps include books or other content including games and productivity tools. B&N says that the company has over 5000 developers registered in the program. B&N claims that the company has requests for submission for hundres of apps with over 125 available during launch.

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