Now this is weird. Spreading like wild fire is the news that another fourth-generation iPhone prototype has surfacediphone4 this time from a Vietnamese businessman who claims to have got this phone for $4,000 during a trip to the US. The images produced seemed strickingly similar but had a couple of differences. 

The phone was originally published in the site taoviet.vn but was taken down citing maintenance. Sites were quick to work on it and other pictures were posted on MacRumors.

Rumour is that Apple might have requested the site to be taken off but this could very well be false given the fact that Gizmodo was not asked to do the same. Interesting, Apple let Gizmodo leave the pictures on its site.

The pictures of this new iPhone 4 reveal a near identical product with a capacity shown to be of 16GB as opposed to the previous one that said “XXGB”.


The phone when turned on runs a test firmware software called BonFire. Upon taking it apart, the Micro A4 processor similar to the ipad was revealed.

Its just superbly strange that Apple had not asked for the iPhone 4’s pictures to be taken off from either of the sites or from Macworld. Apple lately has become like a soap oprah, just drama everywhere.

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