Last year Apple lost an iPhone 4 prototype before its released and caused a huge uproar on its clever ways of marketing. Today CNeT reported that Apple again reportedly lost another iPhone 5 prototype in a bar.  CNet claims that the unreleased iPhone went missing in late July at the Cava 22 “tequila lounge” in San Francisco’s Mission district.

The new phone is supposed to have a 4-inch edge-to-edge display, better camera and a faster processor. The phone may have been sold on Craigslist for $200. It was traced and the person in question said he had no clue what it was. Apple apparently joined in police in searching the man’s house and could not find it. Apple is still trying to find a prototype 3G MacBook laptop, which was sold online a few weeks ago.

To read the iPhone 4 story click here.


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