thepiratebay1When it comes to piracy looks like the Obama administration does not want to remain unspoken. Last week the US commerce Secretary Gary Locke was in Nashville to address a symposium on intellectual property enforcement where he indicated that the administration will find new ways to tackle the increasing problem of piracy and that it considers piracy as pure, unadulterated theft.

He mentioned Vice President Biden’s comments on piracy as “flat, unadulterated theft,” and that it will be dealt with. The administration is reportedly showing increasing concern and is also considering piracy as part of its strategy towards information security and compliance.

Locke explained that he has had a chance to talk to some of the song writers and artists whose lives were severely affected due to piracy. Locke also suggested global IP norms to fight piracy and enforcement of those norms and also called for an immediate “strengthening” of the international copyright system. He said P2P websites were the biggest problem and having a level of control and regulation of such sites would help drop piracy over the net to a minimum.

Analysts say that piracy is more than just simple theft. Hollywood which is the major target of piracy acts has been trying to push for stricter laws against piracy has repeatedly stressed that piracy is more than just theft. “A theft of something valuable will not affect your livelihood however piracy does, to consider piracy as just theft is unacceptable”, said one artist.

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