Microsoft is coming up with its latest Office 2010 which is set to be launched on May 12th and will be available inoffice stores in June.

Office 2010 has many new features and upgrades. Some of them include improved image editing capabilites in all applications which include artistic effects, color correction and other features.

Video was given some special significance with ability to embed and edit video in powerpoint in response to growing demand of video including abilities to edit and trim the video. With this 64-bit 2010 office the excel sheets could grow up to 2GB which is great for businesses.

Multitasking and team work was given priority, collaboration and collaborative tools were added in order to make it possible to work with other office 2010 users.

Many of the features are well integrated to work with sharepoint and office communications server. Microsoft is integrating office 2010 to work seamlessly on any device – desktop or mobile.

You can pre-order here. You can try the beta here.

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