Accessing Facebook to update your status or to write on your friends wall is a little too easy these days. Facebook can be accessed via mobile or a PC and in an instant you are found to be scribbling on your friends page or commenting on their pictures. But what if you are drunk? If you are one of those millions of people who has to clean up their Facebook wall from posts of drunk friends, we might just have a way to make it easier for you!

Webroot introduced a solution for the above problem, The Social Media Sobriety Test. The social media sobriety test is a free application that prevents people from posting on your social media page a.k.a Facebook based on the results from a test it gives to them. If the users fail the test, such posts do not go through. In other words that user is stopped and tagged P.U.I (Posting Under Influence).

The software is very easy to install. We will show you how. On Webroot’s website you can download the browser extensions are available for a variety of browsers. You may download them and click “Install Now”. After the installation is done, you can start customizing its settings to your own choices. You can choose form a variety of social networks to work with. You can also choose a time during which the software keeps an eye out for posts done under the influence!


A sample configuration,


Once configured, you may go to your Facebook page and log in. The screen blurs out and the following image is displayed.


A finger appears on the screen and moves pretty fast. Once you are able to keep it within a set circle using your mouse, you pass the test and get redirected to your Facebook page.


With this software, you sure will have a little less explaining to do from here after.

Enjoy the Video.

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