One click hosting companies are always target of copyright cases. But this time they won! rapidsharelogo

Rapidshare, one of the worlds most used and largest file hosting company won a land mark case in Germany. The High Court of Düsseldorf judged that the company cannot be held responsible for copyright infringements committed by its users.

Capelight Pictures protested with Rapidshare and subsequently took them to court regarding this matter and the court had awarded temporary injunction by a regional court but was struck down by the high court.

The court agreed that users are responsible for their content. The court also saw that the safety measures Rapidshare had installed were also adequate and did not need further scrutiny.

Although copyrights are good, where artists and original work is rewarded they have become an annoyance for companies like Youtube and Rapidshare and Piratebay, a bittorrent website hosting many copies fo legal software and videos.

Capelight pictures was not available for comment.

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