jupiter-star-of-bethlehemUnderstanding events as described in the Bible is no simple task. The Star of Bethlehem is one even that was talked about a lot in the Bible and scholars and astronomers have debated this for centuries. Astronomer Mark Thompson says that the star of Bethlehem was neither a comet nor a distant supernova.

According to research by Thompson into the Star of Bethlehem, the astronomer discovered a significant astronomical event that he claims to explain the mystery. After conducting a number of computer simulations the astronomer says that his research indicates that the star of Bethlehem might be Jupiter itself.

According to his research, between Sept. 3 B.C. and May 2 B.C. there were three conjunctions where Jupiter passed very close to the star Regulus which is the brightest star in the constellation Leo. This rare sequence of events might have looked very strange in the sky.

Thomspon found that Jupiter passed Regulus in an easterly motion and appeared in reverse direction. In an interview with UK’s Telegraph, Thompson said, “The retrograde motion meant the planet was travelling in a westerly direction in the sky and so the [Three Wise Men] may have followed it from Persia. By camel it would have taken about three months and interestingly this is roughly about the same time Jupiter was travelling in this westward direction.”

You can read the interview and the article here.

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