It is being widely rumoured that a slimer Xbox 360 will be out in August. Amazon’s German store speculates that theproject-natal-xbox-360-4 new Xbox 360 will get the Arcade treatment. The German site Gamers Global descirbed it as “Xbox 360 4 GB Arcade System Bundle”. A 4GB slim Xbox, interesting!

The 4GB usually is enough storage space to store game checkpoints and other detail something that the current Arcade unit lacks. If this rumor is to be true, then its clear that Microsoft is actually inclining to offer more cloud based storage rather than onboard storage. May be even platform independent gaming might be in works, where play a game on your Xbox and continue that on your PC!

The report priced the Xbox 360 Slim 4GB arcade at around US$190. The slimmed-down arcade unit has an August 20 release date and is to be released at Gamescom—Europe’s biggest trade show. Chances are this might be a possible release given the timing of the product itself!

We will soon find out.

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