MP3 players these days are quite compact, but then there is always the iPod touch which is more than just a player and could be quite big to carry around. How small can MP3 players really get? How about the size of a Band-Aid?

An Band-Aid sized MP3 player called the Skinny Player is being designed by Chih-Wei Wang and Shou-His Fu who claim that this Skinny Player does not need to be clipped onto your clothes or into your pocket. They are desgining this little thing to stick on to your skin and the tiny MP3 player will not lose its stickiness as you peal it off for the hundredth time.

The Skinny Player’s designers say it will be powered by body heat. The design includes on/off button adn flexible speakers, there is no sign of volume controls. The designers said that the player will only be able to store one album. Other details on how exactly it will be powered by body heat is unknown.


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