Sony patented an amazing new concept which will make multiplayer games simply awesome! Sony is working on a3d-screen-sharing-glasses “screen sharing” technology that would allow different users to share a screen and watch different TV programmes or play different games through 3D glasses.

The published patent called “3D Shutter Glasses with Mode Switching based on Orientation to the Display device” and was numbered 20100177174.

The idea is to have a shuttered filter in the 3D glasses that are used to block out the background images and instead project the video image to the glasses of only that person while projecting a different image to the person beside them and so on.

The advantages to this technology are too good to ignore! A couple could watch different TV shows while on the same bed! Gamers will surely welcome this technology. Multiplayer gaming will take a whole new meaning if this technology is implemented.

The patent indicates that the 3D glasses might have built-in speakers for the sounds of its respective screens. There are a few problems however. If two people are watching different shows, privacy could be an issue where one show might be about the Holocaust while the other show is a new episode from Family guy!

screen-sharing-sonyHowever the technology seems promising and its only a matter of time before Sony can get some demo products out. Also I am not sure how this product might work, Instead of buying many TVs I might settle for just one Screen shared TV, thats a loss of sale for Sony!

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