Sony-16-41-megapixel-cellphone-cameraLooks like Sony has taken up on making a better camera than the Nokia N8 has. Engadget reported that Sony was working on a 16.41 mega-pixel sensor to beat the rival Nokia N8’s 12 mega-pixel camera sensor. If Sony were to come out with the 16.41 mega-pixel sensor, it would make it the worlds largest capacity sensor available for a smartphone.

The sensor is to measure 1/2.8 inch and is small enough to be accommodated in a smart phone. It is back-illuminated Exmor R type sensor and has the model number of IMX081PQ. It has some interesting facts to it. It is capable of recording HD video at 30 frames per second and a striking 1080p. You can also capture at 720p and at 60 frames per second.

Sony came up with a unique formation of photo diodes which enable it to capture a high resolution image. Sony is expected to price them at $30 each when it is launched in early next January 2011. With bulk ordering the price is set to drop.

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