teen_computerMany companies always debate this out and declare themselves to be the inventors of the personal computer. The International Business Machines corporation or IBM for short is celebrating its 100th year this year and came out with a video that said that gave IBM the credit for the personal computer.

IBM Innovation Vice President Bernie Meyerson said, “There was a remarkable breakthrough that wasn’t about a chip or a thing, it was rather the integrated whole that mattered”. After this quote the VP quickly moved to celebrate the invention of typewriter, magnetic strips and bar codes without further commenting on the statement.

Blogs shot back at IBM’s claim over inventing the personal PC by saying, “IBM didn’t invent the personal computer but they don’t know that. This sin shall not go unpunished. Among his milestones IBM’s VP of Innovation completely forgets to mention the company having helped automate the Third Reich.”

You can read more here. Data point was first noted to be the inventors of the architecture that made Intel billionaires. Data point hailed from San Antonio and was said to be the first inventors of the personal computers.

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