A laptop that lets users to open files, play music and view pictures by just looking at them was introduced on Wednesday at the CeBIT which is one of the world’s top tech fair. The laptop integrates cutting edge eye tracking technology made by a Swedish firm Tobii which allows a user to literally use the computer by just looking at the icons.

The system is also smart enough to notice when you are not looking at the screen and go into energy saver mode. It comes back as soon as you glance at the monitor again. Anders Olsson from Tobii said, “It’s definitely going to be in the laptops of the future. You can do pretty much anything you would do with your normal laptop.”

This technology is already being used in other areas including car safety to determine whether a driver is drowsy and to help paralyzed people.

It will be a couple of years before you can get your hands on this technology but until then the tracking system might be so small that it might just fit in to your mini-webcam slot on your laptop.


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