kindle_3Now this is getting really interesting. It is being reported that Amazon will be allow library lending with other e-readers which will enable Kindle library book lending. Amazon is working with a company called Overdrive to make this happen and this will allow Kindle users to be able to borrow kindle books from over 11,000 libraries.

In fact Amazon is still catching up to Sony whose library program works great along with Barnes & Noble’s Nook. However Amazon is going to add a few more features in its library lending offering. Amazon will allow users to check out and read the books on all Kindle apps. If a user buys the book, its notes and book marks will be preserved. Amazon’s Whispersync will enable margin notes and highlights on library books. These notes disappear when another person checks out a book. If you check the book out again your notes reappear.

Overdrive supports many other tablets including Apple’s iPad, the Kindle, Kobo’s e-reader. Barnes & Noble, Sony, Pandigital and other vendors.

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